We are active in all categories of real estate sector, including its financing, development, acquisition and disposition. We represent all of the various parties involved in real estate transactions, including lenders, borrowers, sellers, buyers, developers, investors, landlords and tenants. In addition, we assist real estate investment trusts (REIT’s).

We advise a wide range of clients in private sector on all types of projects from relatively simple construction schemes to highly technical engineering projects. Our expertise also covers commercial offices and shopping centers.

As part of acquisition and disposition of properties, we work with large institutional investors, private equity funds and real estate investment trusts.

We handle development projects from residential complex to luxurious shopping malls. Our advice includes negotiating joint ventures, implementation of development schemes, construction contracts and leasing contracts.

Our advice on real estate financings includes, among others, traditional mortgage and construction lending as well as complex and highly structured transactions.

Other Practice Areas